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Tips to Help Your Teething Baby Sleep

December 17, 2020

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Closeup of baby sleeping on bed with stuffed animal

Whether you are a new parent or have some experience under your belt from a previous child, there is nothing worse than hearing the cries of your baby as their teeth begin to poke through. Their swollen, irritated gums make it difficult for them to sleep soundly, making a full night’s sleep for you virtually impossible. To help ease your little one’s discomfort and get the rest you deserve, read on to learn a few tips from a children’s dentist on how to get your teething baby to sleep.

How to Help Your Teething Baby Sleep

From old wives’ tales that recommend rubbing whiskey on your baby’s gums to new-age topical gels, there are a lot of remedies that are potentially dangerous to use. Fortunately, there are a few expert-approved teething solutions that are both effective and safe, such as:

  • Offering them cold items to numb their gums (like a clean, cold washcloth, frozen fruit, or slushy applesauce)
  • Testing out teething rings
  • Using a clean finger to gently rub their gums, applying just enough pressure to provide a counter sensation that feels soothing
  • Asking your pediatrician or dentist about over-the-counter medications, like infant ibuprofen
  • ing their bedtime routine (this will create a better environment for self-coping)

4 Tips for Caring For Your Little One’s First Teeth

From their first gummy grin to their senior portraits, your child’s smile will transform quite a bit throughout the years. To ensure their oral health is in good condition, it’s important to help them care for their teeth and gums, especially as babies. Luckily, you can keep their smile in tip-top shape throughout the teething process with the below best practices:

  • Before their teeth arrive, use a clean washcloth to gently wipe their mouth twice a day
  • Once their first tooth emerges, brush it twice a day with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush and water
  • Around their first birthday, schedule their first visit to the dentist
  • When their teeth begin to come in next to each other, start flossing

How Your Dentist Can Help

As a parent, it’s completely natural to have a million questions when it comes to keeping your child happy and healthy. Although the internet has become the go-to source for finding information, it can be difficult to know what is reliable. That’s where your dentist comes in! By bringing your child in for their first visit around their first birthday (or sooner if their first tooth emerges before then), you can ensure their oral health is in pristine condition while also getting specific, accurate answers to your questions. After all, they are your greatest ally when it comes to the health of your little one’s teeth and gums!

About the Practice

With a team of dedicated pediatric dentists and orthodontists on staff, parents can find everything their child’s growing smile needs at one state-of-the-art location! Both Dr. Sam Alkhoury and Dr. Nidhi Agarwal know how difficult it can be to see your little one suffering from teething pain, which is why they are happy to share all their tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout the years. If you have any questions about caring for your child’s teeth and gums, visit our website or give us a call at 978-424-4255.

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